Where to Put Air Purifiers in Home, Bedroom & Where NOT to Put?

Where to Put Air Purifiers in Home

Well, you might have purchased an air purifier, but you don’t know where to put it. You may disregard the position where to place it, but its position at home matters a lot.

An air purifier that is not well placed is not effective like one that is well kept. There are several places where you can keep your air purifier at home. If you bought the air purifier to clean the bedroom, an occupied or a polluted room, place it there.

You should consider several other factors when placing an air purifier like the room size, type of your air purifier, noise levels, its’ suitability on or above the ground, and many others.  The below articles focus on enlightening you on where to place your air purifier.

Best places to put air purifier in home

Where you keep your air purifier determines its effectiveness.  Be careful where to place the air purifier and consider some factors like its size before keeping it.

1. Source of air pollution

If your home is near an air pollution source, then it’s what motivated you to purchase an air purifier. Make sure you identify the pollution source before concluding where to place your air purifier.

Pets’ room, mold formation in the room, storeroom especially when the products emit gases, smell from the kitchen, dust, pollen, and carpet fumes are air pollutants.

Placing your air purifier at the pollution source helps the air cleaner to remove the contaminants before polluting your home.

 2. Living room

Most people prefer placing their air purifiers in the living room since this is where they mostly stay.

Also, the living room is where visitors stay, and some could be smokers; therefore, putting the air purifier in the living room helps clean the house.

3. At the safe place

Always ensure your air purifier’s safety by placing it in a safe place to avoid breakages. Put it away from kids’ and pets’ paths, busy areas in the room, and a  hotter environment to ensure that the air purifier lasts long.

Since the air purifier can be the most delicate thing in your room, make sure you take every care to maximize its durability.

4. From 3 to 5 feet above the ground

Placing an air purifier above the ground is ideal for a clean air room. Air moves horizontally from a door to another and vertically from the floor towards the ceiling.

Above the ground, air moves vertically replacing the hot air thus exposing the air purifier to plenty of air.

You can also consider placing small purifiers on the table while you mount the large ones on the walls. To get the best result, place your purifier above the ground.

5. In the kitchen

The kitchen can be the most polluted area in your home, especially if you use wood.  If you also use your kitchen frequently, then smoke is a significant air pollutant in your home.

Things like detergent, sink, household chemicals, bins, and other storages can also pollute your kitchen. You can place the air purifier at the counter or on the wall.

A wall-mounted air purifier can serve the best since whether your kitchen is big or small it can be a very busy area.

If you should place your air purifier on the table or floor, you need to give it some space to avoid water or cooking oil splashing on it to avoid damage. An air-open kitchen can be served by an air purifier located in the dining room or outside.

6. In the bedroom

The fact that you spend most of your time in the bedroom gives you a clear reason for placing your air purifier there. Breathing clean air in and out while asleep gives you peace and a good night’s sleep.

Place your air purifier from 6 up to 10 feet for safety purposes. An air purifier close to your head below 6 feet can predispose you to disease.

Also, if it’s more than 10 feet away from your head, it will not benefit you. To ensure you are breathing cleaner air, usually, place your air purifier such that it’s facing your head.

7. On the table, floors, or wall

Your air purifier’s design plays an important role in where to keep it. Most likely, you can’t mount a portable air purifier on the wall or keep a wall-mounted air purifier on the table.

In addition, where you put your air purifier determines its effectiveness. An air purifier designed to be placed on the wall can’t be effective when placed on the table; the one designed to be placed on the table or floor can’t be effective when mounted to the wall.

To ensure effectiveness and maximum benefit from the air purifier, make sure you place it well. If you don’t know where to place it, just read the manual.

8. In the children’s room

Placing an air purifier in your kids’ rooms, especially if they are still infants is highly recommended. Infants are highly predisposed to allergic conditions, airborne and pollution-related diseases.

An air purifier helps ensure that the kid breathes clean air as much as possible.

9. A place with the highest airflow

If you want your air purifier to work effectively, then a good source of air is ideal. Since moving air contains dust, and mold alongside other air pollutants, an air purifier aims to effectively suck all air that comes in and clean it with the quickest speed.

Placing the air purifier at the door, near the window or on the wall improves its efficiency.  Even if your air purifier is wall-mounted, usually place it in a way such that good airflow is maximized.

10. In the most polluted room

A single polluted room at home is likely to spread air pollution. In addition to kitchen, there are other several polluted rooms at your home. It can be a room nearing the streets, where mold is building, or where pets sleep.

Placing an air purifier in the most polluted room helps curb air pollution to others.  It also helps to improve the air quality at your home.

To know the most polluted room in your house, you can measure the air quality using IQAIR (Air visual pro air quality monitor).   

Best places to put air purifier in the bedroom

1. Squarely on the floor

You should put your bedroom air purifier not less than 6 feet or more than 10 feet away from your head. Otherwise, if you don’t meet the requirement, there is a higher possibility that you won’t benefit from the air purifier.

Make sure you place the air purifier squarely on the floor to ensure that all air is filtered and you are breathing clean air.

2. Center of the room

The center of your room is the best place to put your air purifier. Just think of the results if you place your air purifier at the corner of your room.

An air purifier kept at the middle helps to make sure that all the air is filtered and also, you are breathing clean air.

3. On a nightstand or windowsill

You can place the air purifier on a windowsill or on a nightstand to ensure that every coming air is filtered. Also, place the air purifier on the wall for easier and more efficient air purification.

Best places to put air purifier in baby room

1. Away from the baby

Since providing the baby with the best environment is all you want, keeping an air purifier away is good. Air purifiers produce noise and lights that can disturb the baby when asleep. 

Remember, a young child’s immune system is not strong enough. Therefore, an air purifier placed close can blow air containing allergens and airborne diseases that can harm the child.

2. Near a window

Place the air purifier near the room’s window to ensure that all dust, pollens, and other contaminants are cleaned before they circulate the room.

An effective air purifier efficiently cleans the room and ensures that the baby gets enough clean air to breathe.

The places where NOT TO put air purifier

1. Near other appliances

It’s not advisable to place your air purifier near appliances that generate an electromagnetic field and heat like a cooker, Tv, microwave, stereo system, and fridge.

They have similar wavelengths, and the operation of one can interfere with another’s operation. Otherwise, you can place your air purifier near your laptop or phone since they don’t have a similar wavelength.

2. Low indoor airflow(corners)

An air purifier takes in the fresh air and emits it to the room. Also, it uses the front intake vent to eliminate the polluted air. Placing it on the corner means that air intake will be little and may not purify the whole room.  

Also, it reduces the functional ability of an air purifier. Keep your air purifier a minimum of 15cm from the corner and in an open place to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Near similar devices

If another device works similarly to the air purifier, then don’t put it close to it. If the other device consumes air supposed to be purified, it will reduce the air purifier’s efficiency to function.

Ensure your windows are closed to ensure an efficient outcome when the air purifier is working.

4. Places with high humidity(bathroom)

When deciding on places to put your air purifier, avoid the bathroom and other high humid places. When the air humidity is high, the air purifier will have to circulate heavy air, thus reducing HEPA filters’ ability to pass in the air properly.

It can also lead to the malfunctioning of an air purifier. When bathing, you expect that the humidity rises to 90%, which is not good for an air purifier.

If you must put an air purifier in the bathroom, ensure you install a dehumidifier and ensure that the air humidity is at most 50%. Since the bathroom will be the most smell place in the house, also consider placing the air purifier near the toilet at a stand.

5. Tight places

A tight place like behind a wardrobe will hold the air purifier’s functionality due to less air inflow and outflow. To ensure that the air purifier functions to the maximum, make sure you don’t keep it in tight places.

6. Places with obstacles

An air purifier needs to be like 3 feet away from an obstacle to function properly. You might be tempted to place your air purifier in the free space just behind your Tv, which reduces the air purifier’s capacity to function.

You might also forget and place many books on the air purifier, which acts as an obstacle, thus reducing the air purifier’s ability to function properly.  Obstacles act as a barrier to the air purifier, thus remove any obstacle around to maximize its functionality.

7. Behind or below furniture

For an air purifier to work efficiently, you should not place it behind furniture. Good airflow is required to maximize the air purified at a time. Furniture acts as a blockage towards good airflow, thus reducing an air purifier’s efficiency to function.

Final Words:

If you have been looking for a place to put your air purifier at home, where not to place your air purifier, or where to place the air purifier in the bedroom and baby room, the above article brings you all the information you need.

Follow the above practices to keep your air purifier for the best results. The factors highlighted above are well researched, so don’t ignore any when selecting the place to keep your air purifier. Otherwise, you can get them from the links below if you need detailed explanations.

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