Is TruSens a Good Air Purifier? What Do TruSens Air Purifier Reviews Say?

how good are trusens air purifiers?

Every time you sneeze, it is very likely you’re reacting to the presence of dust or other particles in the air. These free-floating pollutants find their way into your nostrils, causing your body to try and keep it out.

More often than not, the phlegm you release when you sneeze contains bacteria or viruses which have settled in your respiratory system from the air.

This is why ensuring indoor air is clean and free from pollution is a must. Asthmatic patients know all too well to stay away from contaminated air or suffer the consequences.

An air purifier is often called upon to help rid the air within our homes of pollutants like dust, mold, pollen, dander, odor, smoke and several other harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde.

As one of the many brands out there, TruSens is promising smart, high-tech, effective, durable and efficient air purification with its line of air purifiers designed to cater for small, medium, large and even extra-large spaces.

But, are they truly what they say? Do their air purifiers work? Can you trust TruSens air purifiers with your indoor air?

We’ll get all these answers and more in a bit.

Where is TruSens Air Purifier Made? [Evolution Of Trusens Air Purifiers]

TruSens air purifiers are a relatively new invention. First launched in 2019, the brand of air purifiers was created as part of the ACCO Brands portfolio. ACCO Brands Corporation is a NYSE listed company originally founded in 1903 by Fred J. Kline under the name, Clipper Manufacturing Company.

It was simply a company created to produce paper clips among other things. By 1910, the company was renamed the American Clip Company, from whence the acronym ACCO was first formed, before it was picked as the firm’s formal name over a century ago, in 1922.

After several acquisitions and mergers, including a formidable takeover of Hertzel in Germany and a merger with the UK’s Rexel Limited. This led to the creation of ACCO UK, the kingdom’s second largest producer of office products.

Several other acquisitions later and the company decided it was time to help homeowners solve the long-standing problem of indoor air pollution.

While it is impossible to prevent pollution in the home, considering activities in the kitchen, pet hair, dander and litter, gases, and pollution from home face-lifts like painting and so on, the pollution itself can be addressed and that was why TruSens air purifiers were introduced.

With several models on the market, the manufacturers claim the only goal is to promote health and wellness among consumers. Innovation is at the core of TruSens’ philosophy, with a vision to help health-conscious families live healthier lives.

As technologically advanced as its air purifiers are, TruSens always insists on keeping things simple, relying only on facts and science to produce air purifiers that will help homeowners live their best lives.

Best TruSens Air Purifiers and Suitability [Considering all TruSens Air Purifier Reviews]

Air Purifier ModelBest Suitable For
Z-3500 Smart Wi-Fi Air PurifierGerm-contaminated rooms, mold spores, dander, smoke and odors. Suitable for very large rooms and spaces like living rooms, lobbies, large bedrooms and basements.
Z-3000 Air Purifier with UV-C LightSuitable for very large rooms and spaces, such as hotel lobbies, restaurants, bars, living rooms, etc. Effective for dust, pet liter and dander, odors, VOCs, and so on.
Z-2500 Smart Wi-Fi Air PurifierFor medium to large rooms and spaces, such as bedrooms, living rooms, nurseries, and home offices. Can effectively take out particulate and non-particulate pollutants.
Z-2000 Air Purifier with UV-C LightAlso suitable for medium to large rooms, including bedrooms and living rooms. Effective for dust, mold, pollen, dander, allergens, smoke, etc.
Z-1000 Air Purifier with UV-C LightCan effectively cover small to medium rooms. Great for dust, VOCs, particles and germs.

Is TruSens a Good Air Purifier?

One feature that is easy to notice is how well and seamlessly TruSens air purifiers blend with interior decor. Their classy, minimalist exterior design ensures the unit fits perfectly in your home regardless of your interior colors and patterns.

Beyond the superficial features, TruSens is also a brand that has invested a lot in technology and innovation over the years, and the air purifiers are a leap in the world of air treatment, combining superior craftsmanship and effective filtration to make your indoor air cleaner and more healthy for your family.

Also, TruSens features its trademark SensorPod, a component that is able to accurately detect pollutants in the surrounding air and trigger the settings of the unit to respond accordingly.

With several units to choose from and varying sizes for different applications, TruSens has proven in a very short time that it is a disruptive brand with a mission to change the narrative in the air purifier industry.

1. SensorPod Air Quality Monitor

As we already mentioned in passing, the SensorPod monitor keeps tabs on your air and ensures that it stays clean at all times.

This is because it is able to monitor your room’s air quality in real-time and adjust the unit’s settings to tackle pollutants detected in the surrounding air. This is one of the innovative features of TruSens air purifiers.

2. DuPont HEPA Filtration

The DuPont HEPA filter has a curved design that is able to take in air from all sides of the appliance, as against other units with flat filters. This provides a 360° coverage of the surrounding air, making air cleaning more rounded and quicker.

Apart from that, the filter has been designed to capture the tiniest of particles, allergens and VOCs, as well as odorous and dangerous gases.

3. UV-C Light

The ultraviolet light component of TruSens air purifiers ensures that trapped pollutants, as well as viruses and germs that build upon the unit’s filter are destroyed.

This prevents the germs from finding their way back into the air and causing havoc on your health and that of members of your household.

4. Auto Mode

TruSens takes artificial intelligence to a whole new level with their air purifiers. The auto mode is similar to a plane’s autopilot, except that it can actually initiate settings and adjust the fan level of the unit to suit the needs of your air quality in real-time.

5. Air Quality Indicator

Many TruSens air purifiers feature an air quality indicator, so you can see just how clean or dirty your indoor air is in real time and adjust your unit’s settings to either go faster or slower.

Where the indicator gives a positive signal, you know it’s time to give your unit some rest. You can either tone it down or shut it down for a few hours.

6. Washable Filter

Another very important feature of many TruSens air purifiers is washable and reusable pre-filters. This is a money saver for the simple reason that you won’t need to spend money on replacement filters as frequently as every month, in some cases.

Many filters last as long as 12 to 24 months before you’d need to replace them. Others can be used for the entire lifespan of the unit.

7. PureDirect Airflow

If you’ve ever used purifiers that release air straight out or vertically, you must’ve noticed certain dead zones in your room; that is, spots with very little or no air circulation at all.

The PureDirect feature in TruSens air purifiers addresses this issue by using bi-directional air flows to minimise such dead zones. This ensures air is delivered more effectively throughout your room.

Problems Reported in TruSens Air Purifier Reviews

  • UV-C Light is often a concern for some people, even if the company assures that it’s safe.
  • Some smaller units come with HEPA-type, and not True HEPA filters.

Where are TruSens Air Purifiers Most Effective?

TruSens air purifiers were engineered to serve specific purposes; trap particles and VOCs, as well as destroy germs, bacteria and viruses. This explains the presence of UV-C Light.

So, if you have a room with a damp smell and a lot of microorganisms flying around in the air, a TruSens air purifier may just be what you need.

Not only that, the brand has also proven to be quite effective in clearing out VOCs, odors and smoke, as well as other particulate and non-particulate pollutants. Even the few complaints out there have nothing to do with effectiveness.

Furthermore, TruSens air purifiers are most effective indoors. Rooms of different sizes will benefit from the deployment of different models and sizes of the brand’s air purifiers.

There are also pretty large units you can use in basements, stockroom, living room, large offices and boardrooms, as well as in kitchens. Although you may try, these TruSens air purifiers are not best suited for outdoor use.

The burden may just be too overwhelming and you’ll be forced to use your air purifier for longer periods, an act that can affect its lifespan.

Highlights of TruSens Air Purifier Specifications

1. Coverage

Coverage is dependent on the size and model of the unit. As a range, TruSens air purifiers can cover areas between 400 sq. ft and 1,500 sq ft.

This begins with the 443 sq. ft small Z-1000 Air Purifier and ends with the 1,425 sq. ft large Z-3500 Air Purifier. There are other units within the range, giving you so much freedom to choose what best suits you.

2. Control Method

Most TruSens air purifiers use a Touch Control mode of operation. There are easy-to-use lit up buttons on the unit with which you can give commands and set your unit the way you want.

However, some units work with the TruSens mobile app, as well as Alexa and Wi-Fi Connectivity, so you can control them remotely.

3. Wattage

Wattage is a big consideration in any appliance you intend to buy. This is because the cost of an appliance doesn’t end after purchase, you must factor in the cost of running it as well and wattage plays a huge role in that.

TruSens air purifiers run on between 40 and 68 watts, depending on the unit. This is pretty fair, considering the brand’s performance.

4. Noise Level

Again, this is one area that many homeowners are truly particular about. For TruSens, noise Level drops as you go higher up the product line.

For instance, the smallest unit has a maximum noise level of 65 dB, while the largest unit has a maximum noise level of 60 dB. Overall, noise levels across the board range from 30 dB to 65 dB.

5. Fan Speeds

Fan adjustability is dependent on how many speed levels a unit has, and TruSens has quite a number, up to 5 in many cases. This ranges from Low, to Mid, to Turbo and other levels in between.


The Clean Air Delivery Rate of most of the brand’s units are between 120 Cubic Feet per Minute and 220 CFM.

How Much Area Do TruSens Air Purifiers Cover?

Compared to other brands within its category, TruSens has a pretty good reputation as far as coverage is concerned. In fact, some of its units like the Z-3000 and Z-3500 can be used in small to medium apartments for whole-house air purification.

Also, if you consider the size of an average room, which is between 110 sq. ft and 150 sq. ft, you’ll see why TruSens ranks pretty good. Its smallest unit is suitable for small to medium rooms, and can clean up an average room faster than other smaller units would.

Due to its coverage capacity, TruSens air purifiers may also be deployed in quasi-commercial settings like bars and restaurants, cafes, offices, small storehouses, and so on.

Note that these units are not industrial in nature and cannot substitute actual industrial units, but the larger units can be used temporarily in the situations mentioned above.

How Long Do TruSens Air Purifiers Last?

Between 3 and 6 years, on average. Typically, air purifiers last for 2-5 years. High-end brands tend to last as long as 7 years in some cases and under the right conditions.

If properly maintained, with frequent pre-filter cleaning and other components of the unit cleaned as frequently as should be done, you should be able to use your TruSens air purifier for up to 5 or 6 years.

This also depends on how much you use it, how long it runs every day and the air quality in your home or region.

If you live in a highly polluted area, your air purifier is likely to be overburdened and suffer a reduced lifespan because it will be left running non-stop.

On the other hand, washable pre-filters may last for the entire life of the unit, True HEPA filters will last at least 12 months, HEPA-type filters can be used for up to 9-14 months, while Carbon filters can be used for 3-6 months before a replacement is required.

TruSens Air Purifiers Customer Service and Technical Support

From the Return Policy, the Track Your Order option, and FAQs, to open channels for reaching out to customer care agents, there is a long list of resources available for consumers who have purchased a TruSens air purifier.

There are also manuals to help you get a good grasp of the product you’ve just purchased. How-to Videos available on the Support Page as well as Troubleshooting instructions are other ways TruSens is ensuring homeowners get the best from their air purifiers.

But if you intend to make a complaint, ask questions or make a request, you can use the Email Us or Live Chat options on the Contact Us page or simply call one of the phone numbers available on the page.

TruSens Air Purifiers Price

TruSens air purifiers generally cost between $100 and $520, depending on the unit you’re buying.

For example, the Z-2000 model currently sells for around $260.

On either sides, there are units that are larger and more costly and those that are smaller and less costly.

This price range also provides a plethora of options for people to purchase air purifiers according to their needs and budget.

Running Cost of TruSens Air Purifiers

TruSens air purifiers run on electricity, and that attracts a concurrent cost based on the wattage of your unit and how long you run it. Let’s take the 28-watt Z-2000 air purifier, for example.

Using the U.S. electricity tariff national average of $0.13 per kWh, we can get the electricity running cost by first dividing the unit’s wattage by 1,000 to convert it to kilowatts. We’ll arrive at 0.028 kW.


0.13 x 0.028 = $0.00364 per hour.

That also amounts to $0.0437 daily (if you run it for 12 hours each day), $1.31 monthly, and $15.73 per year. Units with higher wattage will attract a higher running cost.

The next component to consider is the cost of the replacement filter.

Basically, you’d need to replace your True HEPA filter every year at around $30 to $60 and the Carbon filter every 6 months at $20 to $50.

Depending on how long you use the unit, you should be willing to part with a few hundred dollars for replacement filters throughout the lifetime of the unit.

Top TruSens Air Purifiers with Excellent Reviews

Considering all the TruSens Air Purifier reviews and ratings, we selected the most popular air purifiers for your convenience.

Final Words:

TruSens does make a lot of sense if you’re shopping for an air purifier that gives you that comfortable, breathable air you desire.

You can pick from the table above, based on your needs and get a unit that doesn’t just trap pollutants but also kills off the germs and viruses that attach to the inside of the filters so they are not recirculated back into the room.

Photo Title Buy
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