How Good Are Mi Air Purifiers? Is It Worth Buying a Xiaomi Air Purifier?

are xiaomi air purifiers good?

Air purifiers have gained a reputation as, perhaps, the most reliable way to rid the indoor air of all manner of pollutants and contamination.

Whether it’s particulate or gaseous in nature, an effective air purifier with the right filters is considered the best solution to restoring indoor air and ensuring your homes and offices are clean, with healthy, allergen-free, breathable air.

But often, the problem is finding the right product in the midst of hundreds of brands on the market, most of which are simply after your money.

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand with several appliances, gadgets and devices in their name. with air purifiers, they’ve also been able to build a strong global following in China, Europe, America and other parts of the world.

But the brand has also come under intense scrutiny over the years, especially in the United States and parts of Europe, regarding its quality and effectiveness.

So, the question is; “are Xiaomi air purifiers good? Are they worth the money? Well, read on to find out so you can make an informed decision.

Evolution of Xiaomi Air Purifiers

Known for smartphones, television sets, air purifiers, flashlights and many other appliances and devices, Xiaomi Corporation was founded in April 2010 by Lei Jun in China as a consumer electronics and computer hardware company.

Currently headquartered in Beijing, the brand is founded on the principle of “starting for the bottom and heading to the top”, from whence its name “Xiaomi” which means ‘millet and rice’ is culled. Some of its most popular brands include Redmi, Mijia and POCO.

In 2020, the company posted revenues exceeding $43 Billion with net income of $3.11 Billion.

While it is widely accepted in China, the rest of Asia, Africa and many other parts of the world, the company has struggled to gain wide acceptance in the U.S. partly due to the stereotype about Chinese brands, and also due to political frictions.

After a long diplomatic row with the Trump administration, Xiaomi got off the hook following the removal of the brand from the U.S. government blacklist by the Biden administration.

This move signaled the return of the Xiaomi brand on the minds of consumers in the U.S. This is why Xiaomi air purifiers are known all around the world.

Today, there is a long list of models and series in the air purifier category meant for different purposes and places.

Although there has been mixed reactions about quality, Xiaomi has maintained consistency and continued to push for growth and improvement, embracing innovation and trail-blazing technology in the process.

Best Mi Air Purifiers and Suitability [Considering All Mi Air Purifier Reviews]

Air Purifier ModelBest Suitable For
Mi 3H Air PurifierGreat for night-time use, and in large spaces including living rooms and bedrooms.
Mi 3C Air PurifierEffective for medium to large rooms. Great for both particulate pollutants, as well as smoke and odors.
Xiaomi 3C Air PurifierVery effective for smoke, odor, hair and pollen. Can be used in medium basements and large dorm rooms, as well as large bedrooms.
Xiaomi 3H Air PurifierMedium to large rooms, such as living rooms and basements. Also, very effective in offices. Great at dealing with odor, mold spores and dust.

Is Xiaomi Mi a Good Brand for Air Purifiers?

First thing to point out about Xiaomi air purifiers is their love for innovation and technology. The company is big on trying out new things and incorporating new and trendy features that makes usage more fun and interesting for consumers.

Take the Xiaomi Mi 3C Air Purifier, for instance, it is not just equipped with digital LED control and monitor, but also compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and even an Mi Home App for Voice Control and remote operation.

Another factor to consider is its mostly positive reviews by buyers. On average, Xiaomi air purifiers have a 4.0 star rating out of 5. This is well above average and speaks of a brand with pretty good acceptance and customer satisfaction.

1. Digital LED

When it’s dark and you need to know what setting your purifier is currently on, how much cleansing it has done, or the quality of your indoor air at every point in time, Xiaomi air purifiers’ digital LED feature gives you that leverage.

This LED feature is also an important aesthetic component, as well as for visibility.

2. Air Quality Monitor

The air quality monitor on Xiaomi’s air purifiers is meant to help you monitor the quality of the air as you purify it. this sensor is able to tell when the air is dirty and needs cleaning, or when it’s relatively clean and maybe time to turn off your appliance.

Some units have this connected to an auto feature that triggers the unit to respond to the air quality at every moment, based on what the air quality monitor senses.

3. Adjustable Display Brightness

The digital display LED also comes with adjustable brightness. That is, you can tone it down if it disturbs your sleep, or tone it up when visibility is a problem. This is simply a feature Xiaomi added to enhance convenience.

4. Multiple Filtration System

Filters are an important component of air purifiers. For Xiaomi, the more the better. But it’s not just about having multiple filters, it’s important to have the right combination for perfect results.

Xiaomi’s units usually combine True HEPA, Activated Carbon and Prefilter in most of its air purifiers, giving them added potency for particles and gaseous pollutants.

5. Smart Control

As a driver of technology, Xiaomi has also incorporated several forms of advanced tech in their units, including allowing users to connect their smartphones to their units and use apps like Alexa, Google Assistant, and so on to control the unit. Voice Control is featured.

6. Portable Build

Portability is an attractive feature with appliances, generally. The good thing is most Xiaomi air purifiers possess this quality, making it easy to move them and locate them in our rooms and wherever else we need to use them.

7. Energy Saving

No one wants to spend a fortune on appliances, and the major issue is often electricity. The energy-saving factor in Xiaomi air purifiers also makes them quite attractive, as you run your units on less wattage and pay less for energy bills.

Problems Reported in The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Reviews

  • Some units may refuse to be powered ON if filter element hatch or air outlet grille is not properly shut. It is only a dual safety mechanism on most units.
  • Xiaomi Mi air purifiers only support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, and will not work on other Wi-Fi networks.
  • Xiaomi air purifiers received mixed feedback about its effectiveness in removing dust particles. While few expressed their satisfactions, few users said they are not happy with the effectiveness of the air purifiers in cleaning the air.

Where are Xiaomi Air Purifiers Most Effective? (Usage)

Xiaomi air purifiers are best used for indoor purposes. You may deploy larger units to places like patios which seem like an outdoor setting, but it’s best to use your Xiaomi’s air purifiers indoors.

This is due to the fact that indoor air is more controlled and there is no continuous exchange of air or polluted air coming into the space.

It is easier for purifiers to clean such sealed spaces than clean outdoor air because they can be overburdened by the continuous flow of dirt and particles outdoors.

Also, we need to point out that Xiaomi air purifiers may not function so well in excessively humid environments, as moisture may cause clogging on the filters and cause it to prevent airflow.

If you want the best from your Xiaomi air purifier, be sure that humidity is kept within recommended levels and your unit is not overwhelmed.

So, you can use their appliances in your bedroom, study, living room or even your entire house. An office is also a good place to use Xiaomi air purifiers.

Highlights of Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Specifications

1. Coverage

Coverage determines what unit fits your home. If you have a 300 sq. ft room that requires air purification, you cannot use an air purifier with less coverage capacity. Xiaomi’s air purifiers have a coverage of 150 sq. ft to about 600 sq. ft, on average.


Clean Air Delivery Rate is how you know the rate at which an air purifier delivers clean air in a room. It is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute and some units outdo others. Xiaomi Mi air purifiers often have a CADR up to 12,000 Cubic feet per hour.

3. Noise Range

When it comes to noise, Xiaomi ranks pretty well. Its air purifiers are known to be quiet, except for those already developing some faults. On average, Mi Air Purifiers have a noise range of 30 to 50 dB. This is pretty impressive and can work for even those very light sleepers.

4. Wattage

We already mentioned the energy-saving quality of most Xiaomi air purifiers. This is mostly due to their low running wattage.

Usually, you’ll find an air purifier in the brand’s product line running on between 25 and 35 watts, depending on the model. This amounts to the average daily electricity usage of 0.7kWh (for 24 hours).

5. Auto Mode

When your air purifier has an auto mode, it means it monitors the air quality at every point and adjusts the fan setting to suit the needs of your room per time.

This AI feature in the Mi Air purifier means you do not have to always adjust your fan with the slightest change in air quality because the appliance will do it automatically.

6. Circulation Mode

Most Xiaomi air purifiers have a 360-degree air circulation pattern, making them pretty effective in terms of collecting and circulating clean air back into every part of the room.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifiers Coverage

Depending on the unit you purchase, you should be able to use Xiaomi air purifiers for spaces between 150 sq. ft and 600 sq. ft.

These include places like your bedroom, dorm room, living room, home office, hair salons, closed patios, and many more. Small basements may also fall into this category if you buy a very good model.

How Long Do Xiaomi Air Purifiers Last?

Xiaomi air purifiers are not exactly the most durable on the market, and may not rank among the top 5 premium air purifier brands, but they do hold their own as far as lifespan is concerned.

A typical air purifier would last for 2 to 5 years, depending on the quality of the air in the region. Xiaomi air purifiers, on the other hand, should last at least three years.

Not much is known about warranty for many of its purifiers, except a 30-day return policy available for buyers on amazon.

How Good is Xiaomi Air Purifiers Service and Tech Support?

As a truly global brand, Xiaomi has a truly comprehensive customer support system that works all the way from point of purchase to weeks after unboxing.

From France, Hongkong, India and Indonesia to Italy, Malaysia, Russia and the Philippines, among many other countries and regions of the world, Xiaomi has a strong customer support presence with dedicated email addresses, phone numbers and even websites.

In the United States, for instance, you can reach them at, call any of the customer support numbers available or even visit their dedicated U.S. website.

Xiaomi Air Purifiers Price

What you pay for any Xiaomi air purifier depends on the model, size, features and capabilities of the unit, as well as where you buy it.

However, Xiaomi air purifiers have a price range between $130 and $300, depending on the size of the unit.

Smaller units with fewer perks and less functionality naturally cost lower than the high-end units. The cost of the unit may also be directly related to its energy efficiency and coverage.

Examples include the Xiaomi Mi 3C Air Purifier that costs around $140 and the 3H Purifier unit that goes for about $250. These are two different units with differences in features and coverage. 

Xiaomi Air Purifiers Running Cost

With air purifiers, components that determine how much you spend running a unit include electricity, filters and maintenance (where necessary). Ordinarily, you should be able to handle the maintenance of your unit at little or no cost at all.

This often involves washing the filters (if they are reusable), or removing and replacing them, as well as cleaning other parts and components of the unit.

In some cases when damage occurs, you may require the services of an electrician or HVAC professional, and a fee is paid.

Oftentimes, the pre-filter and carbon filter are washable and reusable. Some other time, replacement filters come in a combo package, including the pre-filter, True HEPA filter and a Carbon or Charcoal filter.

Whatever the case, you’ll get a replacement filter for between $40 and $100, depending on the unit, quality of the filter and whether or not it is a single unit or combo pack.

For example, the 3C and 3H replacement filter combines the HEPA and Activated Carbon filters. If you need to buy this unit every 3 months at the current rate of $50-$55, you’ll be spending $200-$220 every year and about $800-$900 in four years.

Next is electricity and the current national average for energy tariff per kW-hour in the U.S. is $0.13. If you have the 29-watt 3C unit, for instance, that amounts to 0.35kWh in a whole day if you use the appliance for 12 hours daily. Therefore;

          0.13 x 0.35 = $0.0455 per day.

This amounts to $1.365 per month and $16.4 per year.

Considering all the Mi Air Purifier reviews and ratings, we selected the most popular air purifiers for your convenience.

Final Words:

Through many challenges and tough processes over the years, Xiaomi has continued to grow and learn from its mistakes, culminating in a more rounded product offering today which consists of well-designed, effective and affordable air purifiers.

We’ve walked you through all you need to know about Xiaomi air purifiers, and we can say it is a good enough brand for your air purification needs. You safely pick from the list shared above.

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