Levoit Vs Holmes Air Purifiers [Comparison & Recommendations]

Levoit vs Holmes Air Purifiers

Getting the perfect air purifier can be a tough call, especially considering the hundreds of brands seeking your attention and claiming to be the best. In this post, we’ll compare two brands, Levoit and Holmes, and see how each performs based on certain parameters.

For Levoit, its reputation in the air treatment industry has come under intense scrutiny over the years. Their air purifiers are globally known and used for eradicating air pollutants and keeping the home clean, fresh and healthy.

On the other hand are Holmes air purifiers. The American company was established in 1982 by Jordan Kahn, and has continued to grow in influence and popularity in the last 40 years.

But just how well do they compare to Levoit in terms of Air filtration? Which of the brands have the best air purifiers and what makes them better than the other?

Levoit Vs Holmes Air Purifiers [Comparison Summary]

S. NoFeatureWinnerRecommended Air Purifier
1FiltersLevoitLEVOIT Air Purifier Core 300
2DurabilityTieLevoit Core 300S Air Purifier
Holmes Desktop Air Purifier
3Design & PortabilityTieLEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier
Holmes HAP242B-U Air Purifier
4Ease of Use & ControlsLevoitLevoit Core 400S Air Purifier
5CoverageLevoitLevoit Core 600S
6PriceTieLevoit LV-H133
Holmes HAP242B-U
7User ReviewsLevoitLevoit Core P350 Air Purifier

Levoit Vs Holmes Air Purifiers [Detail Comparison of Important Features]

1. Levoit Air Filters Vs Holmes Air Filters

Levoit Air Purifier FiltersHolmes Air Purifier Filters
The triple filtration system, featuring pre-filter, H13 HEPA, and Activated Carbon filter.   Levoit air filters are capable of capturing approximately 99.97% of pollutants down to 0.3 microns.        

Also has aromatherapy in some units achieved by an essential oil pad that helps to release fragrance into the room.
Some units have True HEPA filters, others are equipped with HEPA-type and alternative filters.  True HEPA units of Holmes are capable of capturing 99.97% pollutants down to 0.3 microns, while most others have a filtration capacity of about 99.7% down to 2 microns.

Got an optional ionizer in many units to terminate bacteria in the air.

It is easy to give it to Levoit air purifiers in the area of filtration, not just because of their True H13 HEPA filters across all units and their ability to eradicate smoke, but also for their odor-removing and aromatherapy features.

Although inconsistent in terms of filtration effectiveness, Holmes air purifiers are also pretty good and strong. However, we’ll give this category to Levoit.

Winner: Levoit

Levoit Air Purifier with Best Filter: LEVOIT Air Purifier Core 300

2. Durability [Which Air Purifiers Lasts Long – Levoit or Holmes?]

Levoit Air PurifiersHolmes Air Purifiers
Build material is made of thick plastic; they are sturdy and tough and have some resistance to scratch.  

Units are strong and quite long-lasting overall, with a 2-year warranty on most models.   Filters last an average of 6 months for most units.
Units are also durable and built with sturdy materials.     Unlike Levoit units, Holmes air purifiers have an average warranty of 3 years.  

Their units last longer than those of Levoit, averaging 12 months for main filters and a lifetime for pre-filters.

In terms of durability, we do not have a clear winner. Both units showed a lot of strength and this comes to play in their market share. Both brands also have a lifespan of between 4 and 8 years across their units. This is good value for money.

Winner: Tie

Most durable Levoit Air Purifier: Levoit Core 300S Air Purifier

Most durable Holmes Air Purifier: Holmes Desktop Air Purifier

3.Design and Portability [Holmes Vs Levoit]

Levoit Air PurifiersHolmes Air Purifiers
Curved and geometric shapes give room for 360° filtration in almost 80% of its units. Others have a box-like design that features flat filters.      

Levoit air purifiers are also really portable and easy to locate and carry around.  

They do not have carry handles, so you’d need to handle the main bodies.   The easy-mid difficulty level in assembly and filter replacement.
Pleasant and elegant exterior designs for different units, including the tower-style, table-top, pseudo-360° geometric design and the box-like models. This provides more options than Levoit’s for homeowners to choose from.  

Most units are portable and small enough to fit in a corner of the room.    

Many units have carry handles, unlike Levoit units.   Assembly, filter installation and removal are also quite easy.

Both Levoit and Holmes air purifiers have suitable designs for different units and are quite portable. The 360° filtration design of most Levoit units gives the brand an edge in design as the units are able to collect air from every angle of the room and distribute it the same way.

However, Holmes is the better unit in terms of portability, with units that are easier to carry and move from room to room. This is why both brands share the spoils in this category.

Winner: Tie

Levoit Air Purifier with Best Design: LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier

Holmes Air Purifier with Best Design: Holmes HAP242B-U

4. Ease of Use & Controls [Which Air Purifier is Easy to Use – Levoit or Holmes?]

Levoit Air PurifiersHolmes Air Purifiers
A combination of Touch and App Control in most units. Features buttons for physical Touch, but also features Wi-Fi and App connectivity in many units for remote control.  

Also features Alexa Voice Control in many units.   Easy to assemble and use even from the comfort of your bed or chair.
Unlike Levoit air purifiers, most units use Touch Control. You’d need to walk to the unit and press a button or turn a knob to initiate a setting.    

Does not feature Alexa Voice Control. Easy to assemble, dissemble and regular use as well.

There’s probably no contest here. Every homeowner seeks convenience when they look out for appliances.

Levoit offers that convenience with its app control feature which also allows you to control your units by simply speaking to the app and giving out voice commands.

Winner: Levoit

Easy to Use Levoit Air Purifier:  Levoit Core 400S Air Purifier

5. Coverage

Levoit Air PurifiersHolmes Air Purifiers
Levoit air purifiers are designed for small, medium, large, and extra-large rooms and spaces. They have units ranging from about 100 sq. ft to 2,340 sq. ft.As for Holmes air purifiers, they are mostly designed for small and medium spaces. Their units cover areas beginning at 70 sq. ft to about 300-350 sq. ft.

If you need an air purifier for a large space, Levoit is certainly the brand to pick here. By a long mile, their coverage is larger than that of Holmes air purifiers and will better serve your air filtration needs.

Winner: Levoit

Levoit Air Purifier with Best Coverage: Levoit Core 600S

6. Price [What is the Cheapest Air Purifier – Levoit or Holmes?]

Levoit Air PurifiersHolmes Air Purifiers
Levoit air purifiers are regarded as some of the most budget-friendly in the world. They cost between $50 and $350 and are one of the cheapest in their category.      

In terms of running cost, you should expect to spend between $200 and $350 on electricity over the course of 5 years, and between $150 and $250 on HEPA filter replacement over the same period, and another $120 to $160 for Carbon filters.
Like Levoit air purifiers, Holmes’ smallest units begin at about $50 but their most expensive units cost around $250. The difference is that by comparison, products of Holmes within the same category as those of Levoit cost higher.  

In terms of running cost, Holmes air purifiers take up an average of $2 to $4 per month (if used for 12 hours daily). That’s about $120 to $240 in 5 years. Filters, on the other hand, will cost between $250 and $400 for HEPA and Carbon filters.

As far as price is concerned, both units are quite cheap to buy.

However, it is cheaper to buy a Levoit air purifier that has similar coverage to that of a Holmes air purifier. For instance, the 349 sq. ft Holmes KZDKC air purifier costs about $185 while the 1150 sq. ft Levoit unit costs around $179-$199.

Nonetheless, Holmes air purifiers are cheaper to run on electricity, while filter replacements are at par between the two brands.

Winner: Tie

Cheapest Levoit Air Purifier: Levoit LV-H133

Cheapest Holmes Air Purifier: Holmes HAP242B-U

7. User Reviews

Levoit Air PurifiersHolmes Air Purifiers
Levoit Air purifiers have 150,000 reviews on a single leading online store alone, with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

The rating is based on several factors like durability, noise level, sleep mode, ease of use and assembly, among others.
Holmes has gathered much fewer reviews, totaling about 7,000 on the leading online store and its own online store.

On average, the brand has a rating of 4.15 stars out of 5 across the two platforms. This is less than what Levoit has.

Both in volume and positivity, Levoit ranks higher and better than Holmes.

This reveals that across most of the major indices for comparison, Levoit ranks better and its purifiers have been able to offer better customer satisfaction and value than its Holmes counterparts. This is why Levoit air purifiers are the winners of this category.

Winner: Levoit

Top Levoit Air Purifier with Best User Reviews: Levoit Core P350 Air Purifier

8. Customer Service and Support [Levoit Vs Homes]

Levoit Air PurifiersHolmes Air Purifiers
Levoit air purifiers have an average warranty of 2 years, which can be further extended after you register the product on the company’s website.

If you do have complaints and concerns, you can forward them to the Levoit team via telephone, live chat or email, levoit@focusglobalinc.com found on the website.

There are also several resources like FAQs, tutorials and manuals for support.
For Holmes, warranty spans 1 to 5 years, depending on the model. Some units have just 1 year in warranty, while others have as much as 5 for parts and repairs, excluding filters.  

Concerns and complaints can be forwarded to the company’s support group via email.

There are also phone numbers and a contact form on the Support Page of the brand’s website for further help. Product Registration and FAQs are other resources available.

Customer service and support are really important to ensure consumers get the best value from their appliances. As the table above shows, both brands have a somewhat comprehensive structure for feedback, as well as a clear return and refund policy.

But, whether that policy is well followed is another matter altogether. Nonetheless, both brands share the spoils in this category as well.

Other Comparative Features Between Levoit and Holmes Air Purifiers

1. Auto Timer

Most Levoit units have an auto timer that allows users to preset how long they want their unit to run even in their absence. As for Holmes, only a few units have this functionality.

2. Filter Replacement Indicator

This is a common feature on Levoit air purifiers that signals users when it’s time to clean or replace their unit’s filter. Just like Levoit, Holmes air purifiers also feature a filter replacement indicator.

3. Fan Speed Adjustability

Both Levoit and Holmes air purifiers have a feature for adjusting fan speed in their units.

4. Air Quality Monitor

While most Levoit units are able to monitor air quality using the connected smartphone, the feature is not very common among Holmes purifiers.

5. Sleep Mode

This is another Plus for Levoit air purifiers as most of its units feature a sleep mode for night-time use, as against Holmes which only has this feature in a few units.

6. Child Lock

This is mostly absent in both brands, as their purifiers’ settings cannot be locked to prevent child or pet interruptions.

7. Tip-Over Auto Shut-Off

This is another not-so-common feature among Levoit and Holmes air purifiers.

Final Verdict

Across several indices, it is obvious that Levoit is the better brand. This is evident in many factors, including the actual ratings by verified users of both brands. This doesn’t in any way suggest that Holmes is not a good enough brand.

With an above 4-star rating across many platforms, it is a brand that has created a reputation for itself over the years.

Depending on your needs, you can choose a product from the long list of Levoit air purifiers or find something that works for you within the Holmes air purifier catalog.

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