How Much Do Solar Attic Fans Cost? How Much Does It Cost to Install?

How much are solar attic fans?

There are different types of attic fans, in terms of how they are powered; these are electric and solar-powered fans. While electric fans are considered more cost-efficient, homeowners often wonder what it would cost to buy and install a solar attic fan.

The essence of a solar model, like most other solar-powered appliances, is to leverage green energy to help save the planet from resource depletion.

The basic question this post sets out to answer is, “how much are solar attic fans”? We’ll explain what the average cost of a solar-powered attic fan is, and provide certain cost ranges based on a number of considerations.

Are there solar attic fan brands that are more expensive than others? What features are likely to make a solar attic fan expensive?

Furthermore, we’ll review the cost of installing a solar attic fan, whether it’s a gable end or rooftop model. Is the environment or weather a factor?

These are some of the questions that the post will answer as you go. So, if you’re thinking of going green with your attic fan, you may want to take a seat and read this post first before you dole out the cash.

How Much Are Solar Attic Fans?

A typical solar-powered attic fan will go for around $300 to $700. This often depends on the type of the unit, its size, brand, and capacity.

Apart from differences in brand makeup and status affecting the price of a solar attic fan, there are other factors that determine the pricing.

1. Wattage

Cost of Solar Attic Fans based on Wattage

Generally, the higher the wattage the higher the price, except in a few cases where wattage is used to make up for other inadequacies.

You’d find that solar attic fans above 40 Watts are not sold for less than $450 per unit, while those in the range of 15 to 30 Watts sell for about $300 to $420.

This is because the more electric power (measured in watts) the unit’s solar panel is able to absorb, store, and transmit, the higher the performance of your fan. Plus, it means high-wattage units come with large panels.

The Price range of Solar Attic Fans based on Wattage:

15 to 20 watts$300 – $330
20 to 30 watts$320 to $400
35 Watts to 40 watts$380 to $500
40 Watts and above$450 to $700

2. CFM

Cost of Solar Attic Fans based on CFM

The CFM rating of the solar attic fan is another very important factor.

The CFM stands for cubic feet per minute and measures how much of the attic the fan is able to cover in a minute.

Although most solar-powered attic fans operate within the CFM rating range of 500 to 1,500, there are some powerful units that pack up to 3,000 CFM.

For instance, solar attic fans between 750 and 1,500 CFM would cost between $300 and $350, while those higher than 1,500 CFM cost way more than that.

The Price range of Solar Attic Fans based on CFM:

500 to 1,000 CFM$300 – $330
1,000 to 1,500 CFM$320 to $350
1,500 to 2,000 CFM$350 to $450
2,000 CFM and above$450 to $700

3. Size

Cost of Different Size Solar Attic Fans

While size doesn’t always determine performance, it can be one way to determine capacity.

The size of the solar attic fan can tell how much space it will cover and determine how much the solar attic fan is.

Fans are measured in inches and while a typical 14 to 16-inch unit will go for around $320 to $370, a typical 20-inch solar-powered fan costs between $380 to $500.

Other high-end units cost way more than that.

The Price range of Solar Attic Fans based on Size:

12 to 15 inches$300 – $350
14 to 16 inches$330 to $400
15 to 17 inches$380 to $500
17 inches and above$450 and above

4. Design/Features

Features and Price of Solar Attic Fans

The design and features of a solar attic fan determine its convenience and performance, and hence its price.

The features of the unit can determine how much a solar attic fan costs and this is usually the difference between two or more units with seemingly similar capacity, size, wattage and coverage.

Features like an automatic thermostat, an automatic humidistat, remote control, WiFi connectivity, etc are major factors to consider.

The price range of Solar Attic Fans based on Features and Design:

With a manual thermostat, no humidistat and no remote control.$300 – $350
With automatic thermostat and remote control, no humidistat$320 to $400
With auto thermostat, auto humidistat, and remote control$350 to $500
Advanced features and technologies$500 and above

4. Price of Different Brand Solar Attic Fans

In terms of brands, there are more brands within the same price range out there.

However, there are some budget brands like Amtrak, which offer inexpensive solar attic fans with competitive features and ratings. On the flip side, a Remington Solar Attic Fan will cost higher.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Solar Attic Fan Installed?

Installing a solar attic fan costs around $150 to $300 on average. When you add that to the cost of purchase, you should be spending about $500 to $1,000 on a full installation.

This rate of $150 to $300 applies when you call an HVAC professional to handle the installation and maybe more if you’d need to buy extra installation tools or brackets as the case may be.

On the other hand, a DIY would cost around $30 to $100, if you’d need to buy any tools for the installation.

If you do not have the skills to cut a hole on your roof or drill through your wall and lack the carpentry and electrical tools, you would need to call the HVAC expert to carry out the installation.

This covers their labor cost and installation materials. It is important to note that harnessing the sun’s power to ventilate your attic can be quite expensive, more than other types of attic fans.

However, it can prove very energy efficient in the long run, seeing that you won’t be paying electricity bills for the fan.

Also, you must ensure you install the unit at the point of the roof that gets the most sun during the day. This is the only way you can get your money’s worth and see your attic fan run smoothly and effectively.

Solar-powered fans are quite pricey so it won’t make much sense to use them in a cloudy region where there is not enough sunlight.

Final Words:

So, in case you’ve been asking, “how much are solar attic fans”? We hope you have the answer you need. With around $600, you should be able to buy and install a good enough solar attic fan. You may even get it for a slightly lower price or way higher, up to $1,000.

The cost of a solar attic fan depends on the type you’re buying, what it offers, its CFM and capacity, and many other factors. As for installation, this depends on whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring an expert to handle the installation.

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